4 Steps to Maximize Volunteer Effectiveness

Volunteers help with lots of work during a Campaign but can be difficult to focus into areas where the Campaign needs the most help. Rallies at your headquarters and sign waving on street corners is not how you win elections. These serve to bolster the moral of your volunteers, but waste volunteer hours during otherwise productive daylight hours. Here are four steps to help you make your Campaign Volunteers be the best volunteers possible!

1. Make Real Work Convenient

It's a busy world, and the ability to knock on a few doors every night or on Saturday before kickoff is important. Your volunteers can pick up Campaign Literature and your campaign can assign them block walking lists in their precinct, or as close to their house as your campaign is targeting. With CampaignSidekick your volunteers have the walk lists delivered to their smart phones and when they get to talk to voters the survey responses are uploaded in real time.

2. Reward Real Work

Track the work your volunteers do, (it's easy with CampaignSidekick), keep a running total of how many doors each volunteer has hit for other volunteers to see for a little friendly competition, then give rewards to the volunteer that does the most work. There are three easy categories: most doors knocked, most surveys completed, and most phone calls made. Your rewards can range from a gift card to an iPad mini that your walkers can use to knock on doors!

3. Plan events at Campaign HQ before or after block walking hours

Volunteers thrive from meeting at campaign Headquarters and being able to get face time with volunteers and the Candidate. Plan a pre-walk flyer pick up with doughnuts and have volunteers knocking on doors at 9:45 AM or a post phone bank ice cream social that starts at 8:30 PM. You can engage your volunteers and maximize work hours. Volunteers are your ambassadors to not only your constituents, but also to donors and other activists around the State and even the Nation. Managing your volunteers poorly can have a long term impact on your race, even if you run the rest of your campaign perfectly.

4. Have your Candidate and Staff always walking.

Nothing motivates volunteers more than seeing action first from the team asking them to volunteer. Your candidate and the staff for the campaign should be out walking every day. With CampaignSidekick you can map more than you and a large team can walk in one week in less than an hour and get out hitting the doors in your universe. Leadership by having members of the campaign team at the top of the leader boards for the competitions will show how serious you and your staff are for a victory.

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