Winning With Data

When you look to run for office, there are a few things you must consider. The more obvious ones are fundraising, who will run your campaign, what your campaign team looks like, etc.

Often missed by campaigns, especially first time campaigns, is the concept that you don't need to talk to every voter. You need to talk to the right ones. Close cousin to this concept is the idea you don't have to win every county (or precinct), just the right ones.

At the core of both of these is data. Many campaigns waste time trying to sort out which universe they want to hit and how. Step one should be: who are the most important voters to talk to? In a primary, find the primary voters. These data sets are easily obtained from your local county elections office or the Secretary of State. Inside of this universe, find the most intense voters first and have a conversation with them. What do we mean by "most intense"? These are the voters that have voted in 3 or 4 of the last primaries and are voting every time the polls are open (special elections, run offs, etc). When you find these voters in your data set, go have a conversation with them. Find out who they are, what motivates them and then get them on your team. These are your volunteers and sometimes your precinct captains.

Then make a plan on how to use your data. Find the vote total you think you will need to win then tack at least 5-10% on top of it and get to work in the precincts you need to win.

We, obviously, think that using CampaignSidekick makes using your data even easier. Gone are the days of printed maps and Excel spreadsheets. Here are the days of sortable, mappable data universes with the ease of clicking your computer's mouse or trackpad.

It starts with data. And if you want to win, it ends with data as well.

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