How to Overcome Campaign Chaos

Raz Shafer Interview - Coaching Quote

Raz Shafer’s Advice for Overcoming Your Campaign’s Chaos! Raz Shafer is a veteran political operative with nearly a decade of experience in political coaching and voter contact operations. He married his Bride, Jennie Marie, in 2014 and they live in Fort Worth, Texas. Raised near Stephenville, TX, Raz started volunteering on campaigns when he was 10 […]

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6 Apps to Super-Charge Your Campaign

6 must use apps for your campaign

There’s an App for that! I can’t count the number of apps on my phone but I definitely know the ones I use every day! Those are the ones that really matter. In this video guide, we share 6 must-use apps that every campaign needs to use. We tell you what they do, how we use them, […]

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Your Campaign Pyramid Built Correctly, Part 2

Now that you have your campaign up and running inside CampaignSidekick, what are your next steps? Let’s start with the three most valuable resources a campaign can have: Time, Money and Volunteers. Maybe you can win with just one of those (Money), but if you want to guarantee electoral success, you will need all three. […]

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Your Campaign Pyramid Built Correctly, Part 1

A lot of first time candidates wonder how to structure their campaigns. What is the starting point? What are the first steps to take? Let us start by saying EVERY good campaign is built from the ground up. Every campaign. Think of your campaign as a pyramid. The base is the broadest and is the […]

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Keys to Effective General Election Voter ID

As the campaign season shifts from the primaries to the general, smart campaigns are already re-tacking their ground operations to prepare for November. This shouldn’t be a discovery of new principles but rather a re-gearing of the campaign infrastructure to prepare for a new, and largely un-touched, universe of voters.Much of this re-tooling requires that […]

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The Campaign Conundrum

Every campaign faces the difficult question: how do we spend our resources?We would like to suggest spending it by building a simple, 4 layer campaign pyramid even as you continue to raise more and more funds for your campaign.The base: grassroots organizing and voter ID. It should be as wide and broad as you can […]

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