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Raz Shafer's Advice for Overcoming Your Campaign's Chaos!

Raz Shafer is a veteran political operative with nearly a decade of experience in political coaching and voter contact operations. He married his Bride, Jennie Marie, in 2014 and they live in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Raised near Stephenville, TX, Raz started volunteering on campaigns when he was 10 and was immediately hooked on politics. Following years of volunteer work and graduation from Hillsdale College, he began working full-time in politics.

Over the last 7 years, Raz has trained thousands of activists and candidates how to win campaigns, worked for a range of non-profit political organizations and served on the official staff for United States Senator Ted Cruz.

Raz left Senator Cruz's office in 2014 to launch his own political consulting firm, with a focus on grassroots organization, deployment and campaign coaching. During the 2016 Presidential Primary, Raz ran multiple statewide ground operations for Pro-Cruz SuperPAC's.

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What You’ll Learn from Raz Shafer In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[07:10] Raz Shafer’s political genesis

[12:00] How My Campaign Coach helps Campaigns Win

[15:52] What kind of Free Content do you offer campaigns?

[17:45] How to identify your campaign’s ‘asymmetrical advantage’

[20:27] Developing your core message with the “Three Whys”

[24:00] What is the biggest ground game mistake campaigns make?

[31:55] What systems can campaigns use to cut through the chaos?

[41:20] Raz Shafer’s favorite “Freedom Movement Moment”

[44:27] Where is the best place to learn more about My Campaign Coach?

[45:54] Wrapping up with Jenn Gray

[48:16] What’s new in My Campaign Coach content

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