Welcome to the Team!

Hello and welcome to the Campaign Sidekick team. We are thrilled you have chosen to embark on this journey with us. Technology, as you view it, is about to be radically changed in front of your eyes.

Over the last four years our team has been creating the system to run Campaign Sidekick. With web developers and campaign managers working side-by-side we have endeavored to create a product that not only can easily manipulate data on the back end but also has a friendly interface that can be mastered overnight.

We’ve continually tested our product on multiple campaigns across different states and continue to tweak it to better serve your campaign needs. From advanced volunteer tracking capabilities, to incredibly efficient walk list routing, and even a feature that let’s you assign walk lists to multiple users with no duplicate effort we have thought of it all.

We firmly believe that the best way to win a campaign is to micro-target your audience, effectively manage your volunteers, and get that personal, one-on-one contact with people. Campaign Sidekick let’s you do all of this from one platform with ease and simplicity like never before.

We have already helped numerous campaigns win their fights-will you let us help you become the next victor?

If you have not signed up for a free Demo yet do so now and let us show you what Campaign Sidekick can do for you!

We wish you all the best on your Campaign,

-The Campaign Sidekick Team

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