The privacy policy describes CampaignSidekick LLC’s. use of data on our website and mobile application. This privacy policy describes how we collect and use the data from user and the data that our user collects from our respondents via our applications

CampaignSidekick LLC manages personally identifiable information. CampaignSidekick LLC does not disclose any personally identifiable information in a fashion that does not conform to federal law, our client’s data handling policies, and third party terms and conditions.

CampaignSidekick LLC will share collected data with third party services for the use of their respective services provided, otherwise all data are used solely for CampaignSidekick LLC use only.

Personal Information

The following information will be collected by CampaignSidekick LLC

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Address
  4. Birth date
  5. Phone numbers
  6. Email
  7. Voting Propensity and Intensity

The above use of information is collected for:

  1. Data analytics for research purposes
  2. Contacts for future surveys
  3. User experience (in cases where collaboration with geolocation information collected from mobile device is necessary)

Information Security and Mobile Device

CampaignSidekick LLC is serious about security, and it is our responsibility to do our best effort to keep our (and your) data safe.

  1. SSL connection on all web services, API’s, mobile application connection
  2. User level management to ensure the right people are accessing the right information
  3. Using third party services that are also in compliance with security standards

CampaignSidekick LLC also uses device information such as the following for performance enhancement, user experience enhancement, and the accuracy of data collected

  1. Device ID
    1. Device ID is collected and stored for logs, security, and device ID dependent function.
  2. Device location
    1. Location information are collected to enhance user experience, maintain application required functionality, and maintaining the accuracy of data collected.
  3. User internet IP address
    1. IP address is collected and stored for security, server logs for possible problems tracking and location purposes.

CampaignSidekick LLC’s Sidekick mobile application will request the following hardware permission:

  1. Device storage
    1. Temporary storage to provide performance enhancement and continuous operation of the application
  2. Device Camera
    1. Access to Camera and Photo album is for sharing to external social media on user’s own discretion.
    2. Images taken by the application are not collected, stored by CampaignSidekick LLC.
  3. Device Phone
    1. Access for enhanced user experience and enhanced accessibility
    2. Conversations and voice are not collected or stored by CampaignSidekick LLC.
  4. Device Microphone
    1. Microphone functionality enable for voice application.
    2. Conversations are not recorded or stored by CampaignSidekick LLC

Changes and updates on Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will be updated from time to time to maintain the best possible privacy standards. CampaignSidekick LLC privacy policy may change without notice and is effective immediately after published on CampaignSidekick LLC’s official website.