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Campaign Sidekick is where candidates go for the best in voter-contact technology! Our suite of cutting-edge tools gives you the power to manage and execute finely-tuned door-to-door, phone and mail campaigns, all while saving you money and time. Campaigns are tough but we make voter-contact easy!

Unmatched Speed

From the ground up, Campaign Sidekick is built to save you time. From the fastest databasing systems available, to our finely tuned, responsive mobile application, it's all built to save you time and keep you focused on winning votes! 

Real-Time Analytics

Don't trust what you can't measure. From live tracking of volunteers or staff in the field to comparative efficiency tracking, Campaign Sidekick gives you the real-time information to build a healthy voter-contact program! Ensuring data integrity has never been so easy!

100% Data Control

Data is your campaign's secret weapon but concern about its safety shouldn't keep you up at night. With Campaign Sidekick, you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected by encryptions built to withstand any level of hacker attacks and that only you own and control your data!

Our Customers Love Us!


I was an underdog from day one. Our primary, runoff, and general election were all extremely competitive, and we knew that a robust ground game was critical to our success. With Campaign Sidekick, our team was able to knock over 120,000 doors, build relationships with voters, and come out on top each time we appeared on the ballot.

Konni Burton - State Senator (TX-10)

I’ve always encouraged my clients to execute a heavy ground-game but no tool has done more than Campaign Sidekick to make that process simple and effective. It allows us to cut out the headaches of routing, filtering and data entry with its user-friendly portal and reliable mobile application. Campaign Sidekick gives you the tools you need to win on the ground.

Luke Macias - President, Macias Strategies

Campaign Sidekick (and it’s team) is second to none. The product is fantastic and the way the team takes care of us is appreciated. They are literally available at all hours of the day. Not only will all of our clients use Campaign Sidekick this cycle, we are recommending it to others as well.

Philip Jackson - Director, New Valley Forge Partners, LLC

Top Notch Customer Service!

Campaign Sidekick delivered exactly the boost my campaign needed. It was easy to use, cost less than most competitors, and the customer service is top notch.

Sal DiCiccio - Phoenix City Councilman

Top Features

Dynamic Mapping & Targeting!

Filter your targets by any variable in your database and cut your turfs or mail-lists with an overhead view of each neighborhood!

Cut the Perfect Walk-List Every Time!

Whether you want to cut a computer-optimized routed walk-list or give walkers freedom to navigate from a live overhead map, we provide the perfect option for every walker! Campaign Sidekick makes it easy for you to precisely target the right voters, by any data-point in your account. From complex custom algorithms to simple election history, it's all easy and right at your finger tips!

Built For All Your Devices!

Whether you're managing your team on a desktop or laptop device, or in the field with a phone or tablet, Campaign Sidekick morphs to meet your needs!

Customize Your App in Real-time!

Campaign Sidekick gives you control over your survey, targets, turfs and even what information walkers see at the door...All at the touch of a button! You can change it all, even while your team is in the field. No waiting for programmers or manually updating devices. You can take charge anytime, from anywhere!

Campaign Sidekick Phone Bank

Phone-Banking Has Never Been Easier!

Whether it's from your campaign war-room, a volunteer's home or another state, Campaign Sidekick makes it easy for supporters to help you win!

Make Your Call Program Hassle-Free!

With Campaign Sidekick's VOIP and manual calling features, callers can log in from anywhere and show support for your campaign. You can even cut specific call-lists for individuals and show them the maximum amount of information about a voter before they click to dial!

Get Started Today!

As your Campaign Sidekick, we provide the tools and assistance that make victory possible. Schedule your FREE demo today and find out how we can help you win!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We sell the best voter contact software on the market but customer service is where we truly shine! Our team is made up of veteran political operatives and experienced software development professionals, each of us ready to help you win. This combination of battle-tested knowledge and cutting-edge programming gives us the confidence to know that you'll be 100% satisfied with our work, or it won't cost you a dime!


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