What is a Campaign Survey & Why does it Matter? – Lee Vasche

Crafting a strong campaign survey is critical to any campaign, however you’re trying to touch voters. Lee Vasche opens up his voluminous bank of experience today to help your campaign! This week we’re talking with Lee Vasche, founder of Triton Polling and Research. They’re a full-service survey, polling and market research firm with offices across the…


Sidekick App Infographic

In an effort to make the end user experience even more enjoyable in and on CampaignSidekick, we are starting a new, weekly series of infographics. Today, fittingly, we kick this series off with the Sidekick App Infographic.

12 Votes that Changed My Life – Raz Shafer

12 votes cast more than 20 years ago changed the trajectory of the rest of my life. This week I’m sharing how I got started in politics in 1996 and why I keep putting it all out there every cycle. Texas has the earliest primary election in the nation this year and we’re just under…


25 Winning Campaign Tips – Raz Shafer

These 25 campaign tips are keys to winning your election. Don’t miss any of them! I’m sorry for the week off last week. I’ve been travelling a lot for my work and I’ve fallen a bit behind on interviews. So I’m catching up but wanted to give y’all a taste of something new while I…